Welcome To The Arena of Praise

At Arena of Praise, we are not just a church; we are a Word-centered, nondenominational ministry that embraces the values of Freedom and Family. Our foundation is built upon the unwavering belief that the Word of God is a powerful guide, offering hope and transformation to all who seek it.

Word-Centered Ministry:

The heart of our church beats with the rhythm of the Word. We are committed to the timeless wisdom and divine guidance found within the Scriptures. Our teaching and preaching are deeply rooted in the Word of God, providing a firm foundation for spiritual growth, understanding, and purpose. We are dedicated to helping you explore the Scriptures, finding answers to life’s questions and discovering the profound truths that lie within.

Freedom Through the Word:

We understand that true freedom is found in the Word of God. It is a source of liberation from the burdens of the past, a path to forgiveness, and a guide to living a purposeful life. At Arena of Praise, we are passionate about helping you unlock this freedom, empowering you to experience a life of abundance, joy, and peace as you embrace the Word.

Family-Centered Community:

We are more than just a congregation; we are a family. In our close-knit community, we embrace you with open arms, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. We believe in the power of family, both biological and spiritual, to offer support, encouragement, and love. You will find a community that cares for one another, nurtures spiritual growth, and stands by your side through life’s journey.

Our Commitment:

Our commitment to you is to be a sanctuary for spiritual growth and a source of strength for your personal journey. We aim to help you cultivate a deep, transformative relationship with the Word of God, while simultaneously building lasting connections within our church family. Our desire is to see you thrive and fulfill your unique purpose in God’s plan.

Join Us:

We invite you to be a part of Arena of Praise, where the Word of God is central, freedom is celebrated, and family is cherished. Come and discover the incredible power of the Word to set you free, and the warmth of our family to support you on your journey.

Arena of Praise Church: A Word-Centered Ministry, a Place of Freedom and Family.

Ricky Taylor, Senior Pastor

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Sunday Virtual Morning Worship 10:00am
Wednesday Night Virtual Bible Study on Facebook Live 7:00pm

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Are you a college student attending UTC, Chattanooga State, Covenant College, Cleveland State, Lee University, Dalton State, or TN Wesleyan?  Join the Arena of Praise Young Adult & College Choir!  We would love to utilize your gift for the Kingdom of God! Visit our social media pages for choir rehearsal times and locations!

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